About Me

I grew up in a home environment where I didn’t always understand what I heard or saw. My mother had a mental illness, and as a young girl, I often experienced her exhibiting unusual behavior and saying puzzling things. As a teenager, there were many times where this conduct led to a very embarrassing or emotionally painful situation.

These encounters resulted in me unconsciously storing away all the misunderstandings and trauma that stemmed from that environment. Little did I know that one day, I would have to confront this part of my past head-on in order to move forward in life. I had to acknowledge it and work through my overshadowing issues that were driven by my own false thinking.

The result is that the darkest moments from my past are now a part of my greater story. This essential and pivotal process birthed in me a passion to connect with young adult girls and women of all ages that struggle with events or relationships from their past and to work together to find truth and freedom. To bring awareness to their uniqueness that is imprinted on them by their Heavenly Father, and to help create a vision for what He has designed them to become.  To be empowered to live their authentic self, and to experience their own purpose-filled powerful journey.

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