I’ve been blessed to know Jennifer for 6 years now. I have had the amazing opportunity to co-lead high school girls at the church we attend. She’s patient, kind, and values every person she comes in contact with. Jennifer has helped me grow as a person and a leader. As a leader, she values everyone’s opinion before her own. She truly cares about helping people “win” in every area of their lives. Nothing seems to faze her, no matter what situation people come to her with. She always as an open ear with a loving heart. She as impacted my life and as taught me how to love people in the best way possible.

-Emme Stannard

I first met Jennifer when we were Co-leaders of a group of middle school girls at our church. We worked together in this capacity for three years and when our duties were done with the girls, we decided we didn’t what to let go of the friendship we had developed. I’ve learned so much from Jennifer in the years I have known her. She knows how to ask the right questions to draw out the heart of the matter…and then she listens. Time with Jennifer is like a cool drink of water, I recommend it to everyone.

-Kathy Riley

“I first met Jennifer Nolan when I was going through a really difficult time in life. I was in the beginning stages of dealing with some childhood issues that had come to affect my present in a really big way. Jennifer agreed to be my personal Life Coach, and my journey with her immediately began. She allowed me to talk through any and all situations that came to mind – nothing was off the table. I felt very comfortable with her from the start. She encouraged me to just relax and be who I am. She would sometimes ask me really tough, thought-provoking questions, and other times, she would just sit and listen without a spoken word. She cried with me and laughed with me, and I am happy to announce that by the end of our long journey together, it was mostly laughter. Jennifer is an amazing, compassionate and caring Life Coach. I am thrilled that she was willing to walk my journey with me, and I highly recommend you inviting her into your journey as well.”

-Tiffany Thompson


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